V e g a n D a d: Homemade Sausages

I have to say that these look amazing: http://vegandad.blogspot.com/2008/03/homemade-sausages.html?m=1

I’m making them without the fennel seeds, the crushed red pepper and the veggie broth, but the presteaming flavor was still pretty amazing. They’re still cooking, so we’ll have to see how they are when they’re done, but I think this recipe is going to be a keeper. ;)

Box Doctoring (pt 1)

So, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. Get over it. Anyway, in between all of the exciting things in my life (such as job hunting, and trying to budget for the next month), I started reworking an amazon.com box that I had laying around, into a chic (or soon to be chic) storage box.

Basically removed the shipping labels, used water activated packing tape (left over from my dressform… sometimes I just use newspaper or scrap paper and school glue), taped down the outside, measured two inches for the lid height, marked it, cut the lid with a utility knife, and then taped up the inside panels.

Here are some pictures:







Making Pitch Glue | Survival Topics

Okay, I lied, that’s not quite it for now… I ran across this: Making Pitch Glue | Survival Topics. Which would seem like a good place to start (in regard to vegan eco friendly glue making) considering that Michigan is COVERED in pine, and similar trees. I’ll probably pass on the whole animal dung concept (I know many cultures have used it for hundreds, if not thousands of years, but since I’ll probably want to use this glue around the house… I’m going to probably opt to just run some fibrous plants either through the family Vita Mix (it’s basically a blender with a super motor on it… you can use it to grind wheat berries into flour), or through the coffee grinder (which probably hasn’t seen actual coffee beans for years now). Oddly enough, that reminds me that I should probably write up a little something on my adventures with mixing henna dye (for hair) later (in which coffee can be useful).

Enter title here…

So, it seems that it’s been awhile again. Which you can totally blame job hunting and a little jaunt back into the world of MMORPGs on (I don’t so much play them anymore, as flirt with them. You know, log on once every 3-12 months, ruffle them up a little bit, see how they’re going, and then wander off due to distractions (often in the form of shiny, e.g. tin foil) and creative adventures).

So, anyway, I sort of found myself a job, I say sort of because right now I’m in training, and am only guaranteed about 4 hours in the next work week (and probably on a regular basis unless I get good sales)(although, at least I’m on call for two other shifts). Which, I suppose works, from the standpoint that I have a vocal competition coming up on the 17th (aka next Saturday). But overall, unless I’m able to pick up a about 12+ hours a week, I can pretty much kiss whatever I make out the window to everyday bills right now. So, I’m still looking for something, maybe part time in the office realm to sort of balance the schedule and pay out a bit. *shrugs* We’ll see, the economy is rough right now, especially for someone who doesn’t have the shiniest resume (thank you not knowing what to major in, and car accident which ended up with a roughly 5-6 year recovery time), and generally I’m happy to have whatever work I can get right now.

Anyway though, so, I’ve still been working on a few creative projects…
- Seed packets (I have to save my heirloom seeds in something.)
- Faster production techniques for some of my etsy earrings (aka ways to speed up painting, since I’m getting a little bored of hand painting my fake plug earrings, and it’s starting to become a bit difficult to keep up with the demand).
- Handmade shoes out of natural (in this case, chemical free) materials (I can already tell you that there’s going to be jute and probably some wood carving involved).
- Foot & running friendly sandals (based mostly on barefoot running).
- The sweet sweet nerdiness that is letterpress (but of course, all weird and cheapified, because if I can’t make it for half the cost of what everyone else is, where’s the adventure?)
- And trying to figure out how to make my own plant-based chemical free glue (it’s the eco-nerd part of me and the vegan part of me meeting up, having some tea, and being very frustrated with the current selection of unhealthy chemical and unkind animal adhesives).

…all that said, it’s getting late… er, early (it’s almost 6 a.m.) and since I’ve been up all night in suborn attempt to get back onto a normal human sleep schedule, I’m finding that I’m starting to lose my edge on coherent and well put together thought… so I’m afraid that’s all for now. ;)

Body form awesomeness.

For those who don’t know, which should be everyone except for maybe two people. I’ve been on a quest to find an easy way to make a dress / body form for several years now. The best that I’ve been able to find before this involves either papier-mâché or plaster, and about a day of not moving while waiting for the thing to dry. Both of the options below seem like great alternatives for those that are strapped for cash, or who don’t happen to have standard measurements. Enjoy!


Earring posting and letterpress dreams.

Well, I went ahead and added my first new Etsy listing (for several months… yeesh, you don’t want to know what my schedule’s been like). A nice pair of vintage earrings that I decided that I needed to part with (I am, somewhat unfortunately, limited on space) as seen here:


So, yeah, I was kind of proud about that. After being knee deep in music (I may have gone ahead and gotten myself signed). It felt good to get back to my crafty/entrepreneurial roots and get some work done. Other than that I’ve been looking for part time or temp work to get me through until music is recorded and I go on whatever promotional gigs the label sets up for me. So, yeah, it’s been crazy busy here.

As far as my crafty adventures go, I’ve been *slightly* obsessing over building my own letterpress. It all started with reading an interview with a letterpress artist, and I sort of said to myself, “Hrm, that would be great for when I need embossed invitations, business cards, etc.” Of course, I am, at present, forced to keep with a tight budget. But I believe I’ve figured out how to build a small one with some scrap lumber and toggle clamps, so that may be something that I undertake sometime in the next few months, depending on how much free time I end up having.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Fun with nail polish and… erm… sharpies.


So, I went ahead and half did my nails today (I say half, because I’m not done with my right hand yet), I’m not completely sure why, but I’m on an artsy kick.

Anyway, there was a base coat, sharpie doodles, and then a carefully placed bit of top clear coat. Generally they look pretty cool, but next time I’ll probably opt for good ol’ acrylic paint as the sharpie tends to run when the top coat is applied.

Oh *hello* relaunch…

So, I went ahead and uninstalled the old site to start from scratch. So, overall, the new site is installed, and we’ll go from there.

Generally the plan (if you can call it that) is to turn this into my personal blog, as I’ve really started to miss having a place where I can somewhat unofficially express myself (from running my mouth, to messing around with web layouts, etc.).

Anyway, more posting later.


P.S. – I’m sure everyone will adjust to the absence of the background archive… especially if I start linking to some of my other artistic ventures.